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Fox Services Express:  Professional Electricians, at Your Service.   

When do you do your best work at home?  Or, for that matter, enjoy the greatest amount of quality relaxation time?  When nothing inside or outside your home is broken, and you can focus on what you want or need to do at the moment.

At least that’s what MOST of our customers tell us.

And for that reason alone, we make sure we deliver the very best in home electrical services, every single time, no matter how small or large the job might be.  Now and always, you can count on the same.

Here’s what else you can expect from Fox Services Express:

  • Guaranteed upfront pricing, and that means no surprises once the job is completed
  • Our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee
  • 24/7 emergency repairs
  • Well-stocked trucks for faster job completion
  • A complete range of pool & spa services, too

Plus, we’re licensed, insured, and accredited by the Better Business Bureau.      

Electricians Mclean County | Home Office Wiring Mclean County

A well-wired house is also a safer house.  Which begs the question:  when was the last time you had your home wiring inspected?

If the answer is “a year or longer,” then now’s a great time to contact Fox for our whole-house wiring inspection service.  If there are any code violations, we’ll point them out, explain what needs to be done and, with your permission, bring your home back up to electrical code.  We’ll also look for and repair any frayed wiring or other electrical fire hazards.  And that’s just part of what’s included in our service.

We also provide the following electrical services, and always with your safety and convenience as our two primary concerns:     

What can we do to help make your life at home safer and more convenient?  Whatever it is, we’ll do it to your 100% guaranteed satisfaction.      

Pool & Hot Tub Services in Mclean County

Do you ever find yourself thinking that your backyard pool or hot tub is for everyone in the family BUT you?  If so, then you’re probably spending more time on upkeep than you are in the water. 

Well, as the Peoria area’s largest pool and hot tub service company, consider that problem solved.  In fact, we can handle openings, closings, and everything in between.  Or just those aspects you’re ready to leave to the Fox pool and hot tub pros, including: 

What’s more, our pool and hot tub supply store in Peoria is open 6 days a week and features free in-store water testing.  So if you are handling at least some of the pool or hot tub chores on your own, let us analyze your water to see if you’re on the right track.
Click here for store directions and hours of operation.

Fox Services Express.  Why not contact us today for electrical, pool, or hot tub services performed at the highest standards of excellence by our professional and caring team.  

If you are looking for Mclean Electrical, Pool & Hot Tub Services Services then please call 309.740.0330 or complete our online request form.