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Meet Your “Go To” Service Providers…Before You Go To Enjoy Your Hot Tub.

Whether you’re looking for a helping hand or someone to take on the whole job, Fox is here with the service you need, when you need it, for any hot tub service and maintenance need.

Hot Tub Opening Services in Peoria

Once spring rolls around, you will want to start using your outdoor hot tub again…and the sooner the better. But first there’s work to be done, and Fox does it all, including:Description:

  • Inspecting all spa mechanicals
  • Replacing the pump drain plugs
  • Tightening all unions and fittings
  • Reinstalling stored filters
  • Filling the spa
  • Conducting a leak inspection
  • Checking all spa functions to make certain they operate properly

Call us for more information or to schedule service.

Hot Tub Maintenance Services in Peoria

Want more time to enjoy your indoor or outdoor hot tub.  Then call Fox to request a customized maintenance plan that covers exactly what you want done, including the following: 

  1. Draining and Refilling - Nearly every hot tub manufacturer recommends draining and refilling your spa 3-4 times per year. Not following these recommendations may lead to:

Draining a hot tub can take up to an hour. We bring special equipment to drain your hot tub water to any desired spot within 50’ away.   The refilling time is dependent on your water availability and pressure and can vary from 1 - 3 hours.

  1. Cleaning stagnant water lines - If your water lines haven’t been flushed and cleaned periodically, they no doubt have bacteria trapped inside. This can cause an unpleasant odor and unsanitary conditions.
  1. Detailing the Acrylic Shell - Detailing your spa shell is a 2-step process. First we clean the shell with a special cleaning agent that’s compatible with acrylic shell material. Next we hand buff the shell with a special wax that is water chemistry neutral and designed to enhance the beauty and luster of the shell.
  1.  Cleaning and replacing filters - Depending on usage, filters should be cleaned up to two times per month and replaced twice a year.  This will help keep your hot tub performing properly and your water clean. 

Other steps can be included in your maintenance package…it all depends on what you want and need.

Hot Tub Cleaning Peoria | Hot Tub Inspection Peoria

Your spa pillows capture bacteria-laden water vapor, which necessitates regular cleaning with a non-abrasive sanitizer that is compatible with the pillow material.

To extend the life of your hot tub cover, regular cleaning and conditioning also is advised.  Care must be taken, however, to use the proper conditioning agents. (By contrast, silicone based products can accelerate cover deterioration.)  We use only cover-friendly cleaning products.

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Next, we offer detailed spa inspections.  Each one takes about an hour and is the best way we know of to ensure ongoing and uninterrupted service.  Usually we conduct hot tub inspections while performing other services like the following: 

  • O ring inspections on all plumbing unions to prevent leaks
  • Check heater gaskets and pump seals
  • GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupt) check connections to be sure electrical operation is safe for your family.
  • Overall check of equipment to be ensure proper operation 

Spa Closing Service in Peoria

If you don’t plan on using your hot tub for an extended period of time, call Fox for our professional closing service to ensure that bacteria doesn’t form in un-drained lines and cause a foul odor. 

And that’s just one of the problems you could face.  Cold temperatures, for example, can crack the manifold, freeze plumbing and pumps and cause thousands of dollars of damage not covered by warranties.

Our closing and winterizing process consists of: 

  • Draining the spa
  • Removing the pump drain plugs
  • Loosening all unions
  • Vacuuming out all lines and jets
  • Removing the filter and cleaning it for storage
  • Installing a plastic weather barrier to guarantee a watertight seal

Contact Fox Services Express to schedule service or for more information on how we can add enjoyment to time spent in your hot tub.  It’s one of the things we do best. 

If you are looking for Peoria Hot Tub Services then please call 309.740.0330 or complete our online request form.