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A Nice Look for Your Home.  And a Friendly Reminder to Unwanted Guests to Keep Their Distance.

It's impossible to put a value of home security and personal safety.  It's something you either feel, or you don't. 

This much we do know:  if you're looking to enhance your family's security, Fox Services Express can help with our outdoor security lighting services.  For starters, we'll visit your home, listen to your concerns, and make recommendations accordingly.  In the process, we'll explain the relative advantages of the several kinds of outdoor security and decorative lighting in Peoria, which include the following:

  • Motion Sensitive Lights.  These are effective deterrents against would-be intruders as they turn on at night when people approach your property.  They also know the difference between animals and people to they won't be constantly turning on and off.  Motion sensitive lights also can be tied into your home security alarm system for added protection.
  • Key Lock Lights.  Have you ever felt a moment or two of apprehension as you search for your front door keys in the dark?  Key lock lights will help speed up the process by shining just enough light on your keys so you can quickly grab the right one.
  • Flood lights.  Basically the same idea as motions sensitive lights, except that flood lights are switch- vs. people-activated.  Many Peoria home owners use them in their back yards for outdoor season entertaining, especially those with pools and hot tubs.
  • Foot path lighting.  While these are primarily designed for outdoor evening decoration, all outdoor lighting makes it harder for burglars or vandals to hide and, as such, serves to keep them at bay.
  • LED Lighting.  These are the perfect means to light up small trees and shrubs, for example, to help create added outdoor beauty all year long.

To learn more about the outdoor lighting possibilities for your home and a free, custom outdoor lighting proposal, contact Fox Services Express today.  We can help make yours a shining example of what greater home beauty and security are all about.

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