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It’s Time for Your Pool to Hibernate for the Winter.

Outdoor swimming in our neck of the woods is definitely not a year-round activity. Members of the local Polar Bear club might disagree, but then, they’re a different breed entirely.

lightSo as tough as it might be to say “see you next Spring,” you’ll feel much better knowing that  your pool will be ready when the time comes…with a comprehensive pool closing by Fox Services Express.  .

Here’s just some of what our service includes:

  • Remove stairs and railings
  • Blow out the water lines
  • Remove skimmer baskets, cleaners, wall fittings
  • Drain all pumping, filtering, heating and chlorinating equipment
  • Cover the pool
  • And more

We’re here to help you preserve your hard-earned investment and source of endless hours of outdoor pleasure. 

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