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Why Not Start the Pool Season Knowing the Hard Work is Already Done.

Lots of pool owners have mixed feelings as the pool season draws near. 

“Yay, it’s finally time to get back in the pool.”

“Darn, it will be weeks before we can get back in the pool with all the work still to be done.” 

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Tell you what…why not cast those negative thoughts aside and let Fox handle all the pool opening functions for you.  As the Peoria area’s leading pool and spa service provider, this is what we do!  And we do it very, very well.

Here’s just some of what our pool opening service includes:

  • Remove the pool cover
  • Remove winter accessories
  • Visually inspect the pump, filter, and heater
  • Install strainer baskets
  • Prime and start filter pump
  • Install ladders, handrails & diving board
  • Brush the tile line
  • Clean and vacuum pool
  • Test the water
  • Add chemicals as needed
  • Check water circulation for adequate flow

Optional services are available, too, and we’ll explain what those are at the time service is provided.  If you like, we can also give you a custom season-long pool maintenance proposal.

For more information or to schedule service, contact Fox Services Express today.

And remember:  bring in a sample of your pool water for a free in-store test at the Fox Pool Store in Peoria.

If you are looking for Peoria Swimming Pool Services then please call 309.740.0330 or complete our online request form.