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Fox Can Help Keep You Safe, Night and Day.

If you're like most careful folks, you make sure your entire family visits the dentist once or twice a year…for sound oral hygiene, and to spot small problems before they become bigger and more costly to fix.

The same goes for regular oil changes for your car, routine physical exams…even the time-honored tradition of spring cleaning is still widely practiced.

Which is all good stuff.  And yet, ask your friends and family members when they last hired a professional Peoria electrician to inspect their home electrical wiring, and you're going to find very few people who can recall. 

With a whole-house inspection from Fox Services express, you can look forward to:Description: C:\Users\Bob\AppData\Local\Temp\iStock_000004372321Small.jpg

  • Added home safety
  • Reduced risk of electrical fire
  • Code violations spotted and corrected, with your prior approval
  • Frayed wiring located and replaced
  • Less risk of personal injury

We think it's one of the most important services we offer.  Especially when you consider how many different problems can be caught early on and taken care of before bigger and more costly problems erupt.

To help make your home a safer living environment with all the power you need for greater year-round comfort and convenience, contact Fox Services Express today.  And no doubt you'll sleep a little easier tonight.

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