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“Keep in Touch” with Your Outlets

Outlet protection

How often do you go around your house placing your hand over each electrical outlet? And that goes for those outdoors, in your garage, and other isolated spots.

If the answer is “never” or anything close, we’re about to give you ample reason to make touching your outlets one of your occasional household maintenance chores.

You see, an electrical outlet that is warm or hot to the touch indicates that the electrical load on the circuit is too high, that hidden wiring is melting, or that the wiring is loose or not up to the current electrical code.

Trouble also can occur if you have any outlets that can’t hold a plug or are not securely fastened to the wall.

Warm or not, you also should replace any two-pronged outlets with grounded three-pronged outlets. Plus, any outlets near enough to make contact with water should be replaced with code-correct GFCI outlets.

All of the above is for your own personal safety and to help prevent an electrical fire in your home.

What, you might ask, could cause an electrical fire. Here are two realistic possibilities:

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