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The Added Convenience of USB Outlets

USB outlets

Does your house look like you’re growing spaghetti? You know, with all kinds of electronic devices being plugged in at the same time to various outlets and extension cords?

If so, and if space is at a premium, you’ll be glad to know about this very convenient, space-saving device: USB wall chargers. As you can see in the photo, there are various configurations available, including one with two standard outlets and two ports for cell phones, iPads, iPods, tablets, cameras, and all the rest.

We can install them in place of an existing standard wall outlet, or add one or more to better meet your family’s needs. And yet no matter how you slice it, you’ll have fewer electrical cords plugged in all over your house. Instead, you can simply plug your electronic devices directly into your new outlets.

USB wall chargers have been engineered for compatibility with the latest technology, including tablets, smart and mobile phones, gaming devices, e-readers, digital cameras and a host of other electronic devices. A smart chip recognizes and optimizes the charging power of your electronic devices for fast and efficient charging.

Contact Fox Services Express today for more information or to schedule installation. You’ll as much or greater charging capacity than you already have, far greater convenience, and “less spaghetti growing” on your walls.

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