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We have a lot of older homes here in the Peoria area. Homes built with fuse boxes for electrical power. And many of those fuse boxes are still at work, providing area home owners and families with their daily electrical power needs.

The same goes for 100 amp electrical circuit breakers, once able to provide all the power most families need.

And yet, even over just the past few several years, things have changed dramatically. Today, more and more electrically-powered equipment is available for your family’s greater comfort, convenience, and entertainment. iPads. Higher efficiency home heating and cooling systems. Video game systems. Home theaters. Cooking and other food preparation gadgets. And so much more.

All of which means that the power supply – fuse box or circuit breaker – that once you served you long and well may no longer be up to the challenge?

A New Circuit Breaker Panel in Peoria

Are you a candidate for service panel upgrade? You are if any of the following conditions apply:

Whatever your motivation might be, you can count on Fox Services Express to recommend what’s best for your home and family’s electrical power and safety needs.

We will install the right-sized circuit breaker system, label on the circuits, instruct you on its safe upkeep, and all with a minimum of disruption to your daily routines.

Contact us a today for a free in-home evaluation of your family’s power needs, and a quote on a service panel upgrade.

If you are looking for Peoria Service Upgrades then please call 1-309-740-0330 or complete our Online Request Form.