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Why Settle for a Mess of “Spaghetti” When You Can Have One Integrated & Smooth Running Network?

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Once upon a time, you could plug in a TV, sit down and watch your favorite show.

Today that same TV might be used as a Play Station hangout, the screen for watching DVD movies…not to mention a plug-in to those high-end speakers you so depend on for high fidelity surround sound.

Yes sir, home entertainment isn’t what it used to be. Neither are home electronics. We all have more of them, and frequently with several devices hooked up to the same outlet. What that creates is a mess of wire – hence, the spaghetti look – and the daily possibility that you could overload a circuit or cause damage to one or more of your electronic components from a power surge. The same goes for everything you have plugged in that enables you to work from home.

That’s why computer and AV wiring has become a specialty service of ours. Your Fox Peoria electricians can organize all your computer and AV equipment into one integrated whole. We’ll properly wire, label, and diagram all your home entertainment and office electronics.

Why the diagram? Because in case you ever have to remove a single component to have it replaced or repaired, you’ll know exactly where and how to re-install it.

In the process, we might even recommend an additional outlet or two to help prevent overloading existing outlets or even an entire circuit. That, in turn, will help improve your productivity and family play time while minimizing the risk of an electrical fire or circuit overload.

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