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When was the last time you searched for an electrician, and how did that turn out for you?

Here's why we ask. Under the right circumstances, an electrician can and should be a trusted resource you can turn to, any time the need arises, for life. When we provide service to a customer for the first time, our primary goal is to go them – and you – every reason to call us again, and zero reasons not to.

And here's where it all starts:

Today, we hope to your earn your initial vote of confidence for the electrical, pool, or hot tub service of your choice.

Electricians Bloomington, IL | Outdoor Security Lighting Bloomington, IL

Would your life be a little more convenient with another electrical outlet or two? A little safer and more secure with hardwired smoke detectors? And perhaps even a little more pleasurable with outdoor footpath lighting?

At Fox Services Express, we have everything it takes to add greater convenience, safety and even added beauty into your life with our diverse electrical services, including:

In addition, we offer numerous means to enhance your family's sense of security, including lighting for home access points so you spend less time looking for your keys and motion-sensitive outdoor lights to help keep potential burglars or vandals at bay.

Pool & Hot Tub Services in Bloomington, IL

If you're opening your swimming pool later in the season than you would like, chances are you're doing the job yourself and either are crunched for time or Mother Nature keeps thwarting your plans.

Well, for pool and hot tub openings, closings, plus season-long maintenance and repairs (as needed), now you can turn the job over to Fox Services Express, and spend more time enjoying your investment in backyard luxury and entertainment. We're the largest pool and hot tub service provider throughout the Greater Peoria and Bloomington-Normal area, and can develop a custom maintenance plan that fits your needs to a tee. Not to mention your budget.

Our main pool and hot tub services include:

We also have our own pool and hot tub chemicals and accessories store on 7729 N. Crestline Drive in Peoria. We're open six days a week and offer free in-store water testing. Click here for directions and store hours.

Fox Services Express. What can we do today to help make your life a little safer and more convenient?

If you are looking for Bloomington Electrical, Pool & Hot Tub Services Services then please call 1-309-740-0330 or complete our Online Request Form.