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Electric Car Charger Wiring & Receptacle Installation

Electric Car Charging Station

At Fox Services Express, we feel it’s important to be moving towards a greener future, and we’re proud to be able to help Peoria homeowners do the same. One way we make that possible with electrical work is with electric car charger wiring and receptacle installation.

More homeowners are making the transition to electric vehicles, or EV, and that requires a way to charge it while at home. Having easy access to a charging station is about convenience and necessity.

The good news is that our experts can get your home set up with car charger wiring and receptacle installation. This is the type of job that is best left to trained professionals, which will also make it much safer.

What Makes Fox Services Express the Right Team for the Job

We offer a number of electrical services, including wiring for electric cars. Yet, we also know you have other options when it comes to hiring a professional electrician, so let us tell you some of the reasons why we’re the top choice:

When you call us for this type of work, we’ll also provide you with guaranteed up-front pricing. Don’t take chances when it comes to work as important and potentially dangerous as electrical service. Call us for all of your electrical service needs in the Peoria area.

If you are looking for Peoria Electric Car Charging Station then please call 1-309-740-0330 or complete our Online Request Form.