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One Minute a High Def TV, the Next Minute Destined a Burned Out Box.

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Have you ever seen what an electrical power surge can do to home electronics? Anything from a central AC system to a TV, computer, microwave oven, and so on? It can flat out destroy them all, and damage them so badly that the repair costs just wouldn’t be worth it.

The same goes for 100 amp electrical circuit breakers, once able to provide all the power most families need.

But then again, homes do incur power surges every day, so what’s the big deal? Well, the fact is, most homes experiences about 25 power surges or spikes every single day, even though the vast majority are usually so small that you don’t notice them and they do no harm. Still, all it takes is that one time when lightning strikes your home or, even more likely, when power is restored following a general power outage. If your high electronic equipment and systems are still plugged in and in the “on” position, they can be wiped out in a split second. Unfortunately, that’s a pretty common occurrence.

What a Surge Protector Can do for Your Peoria Home

With a whole-house surge protector from Fox, you can stop worrying. These reliable and economical devices can absorb up 40,000 amps of current flowing into your home from the outside; normal household power is 200 to 300 amps. When a sudden surge occurs, the device detects the excess current and safely diverts it through your home’s grounding path.

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