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Fox is the largest and most experienced provider of pool and hot tub services throughout the area, and for a variety of good reasons.

Here's one we think you might just appreciate most of all: we cater to what you need and want done…period. Lots of people enjoy certain aspects of maintaining their pools, but seek professional help for the rest.

When it comes to ongoing maintenance, we're happy to customize a season-long plan that fits your needs to a tee. Our many Peoria pool maintenance services include the following:

Swim long, splash hard, and rest a whole lot easier…with Fox on hand to keep everything in tip-top working order.

Call us today to schedule service or quote. Also, remember to visit our Peoria pool store, year-round, for expert advice, high quality supplies, and FREE in-store water testing.

If you are looking for Peoria Swimming Pool Maintenance Services then please call 1-309-740-0330 or complete our Online Request Form.